Downton Abbey (2015)

Downton Abbey


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Downton Abbey (2015)

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Hugh Bonneville , Laura Carmichael, Jim Carter, Raquel Cassidy
Julian Fellowes
Drama, Romance
04 de Jan 2015


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Episode #5.1

The general Election of 1924 brings a Labour government into power, to the consternation of Robert and Carson, though many of the staff are pleased to have a prime minister from the working...

04 Jan, 2015

Episode #5.2

James leaves Downton, Mary has a weekend rendezvous with Gillingham, Carson and the Earl disagree for the site of the War memorial, a wireless becomes part of Downton life, and Sophie becomes Narigold's godmother.

11 Jan, 2015

Episode #5.3

Mary wakes up in bed with Tony Gillingham after their tryst and returns to Downton, where she learns that a building firm want to buy land for a housing estate, to which Robert objects. ...

18 Jan, 2015

Episode #5.4

The Countess confesses her past with Prince Kuragin, LBord Mertom proposes to Isobel, Rose's parents are divorcing, Lord Grantham becomes jealous of Simon, and Lady Mary tells Gillingham she won't marry him.

25 Jan, 2015

Episode #5.5

Tom ends his relationship with Sarah, Rose meets a young man of Russian descent, Rosamund's visit to Marigold has consequences, Mrs. Patmore asks advice for her inheritance, and Simon Bricker expresses his love for Cora.

01 Feb, 2015

Episode #5.6

Violet's new made doesn't seem to be working out, Kuragin reveals he still loves Violet, Anna realizes Bates' innocence, and Thonas reveals a secret to Baxter.

08 Feb, 2015

Episode #5.7

Atticus brings his parents, Edith and her daughter are brought home by Cora, Tom decides to take his daughter to America, Baxter volunteers to testify for Bates, and Isis is dying.

15 Feb, 2015

Episode #5.8

Kuragin tells Violet he wants to live with her, someone tries to break up the Atticus Rose wedding, Daisy wants to live in London, and Anna is accused of Green's murder.

22 Feb, 2015

A Moorland Holiday

Autumn of 1924. It's grouse shooting season and Rose's father-in-law invites the Crawley family to a shooting party in Northumberland.

01 Mar, 2015


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