Downton Abbey (2014)

Downton Abbey


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Downton Abbey (2014)

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Hugh Bonneville , Laura Carmichael, Jim Carter, Brendan Coyle
Julian Fellowes
Drama, Romance
05 de Jan 2014


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Episode #4.1

Mary is still inconsolable six months after Matthew's death, Edith agrees to go the Germany for Michael's divorce, Molesley looks for a job, and there is a surprise applicant for O'Hara's job. s divorce.

05 Jan, 2014

Episode #4.2

Mary receives a letter from Matthew's effects, naming her as his sole heir and therefore the owner of half the estate. Encouraged by Violet, she agrees to shadow Tom and learn more about ...

05 Jan, 2014

Episode #4.3

The Crawleys host a weekend party, their first since the War and unexpected situations and crises arise including a rape.

12 Jan, 2014

Episode #4.4

Anthony Gillingham returns to Downton to papoose to Mary, Rose try to coerce Tom into marrying her, and Anna will not tell Bates what's bothering her.

19 Jan, 2014

Episode #4.5

Mrs. Hughes tells Bates an edited version of Anna's rape, Edith goes to London to see Michael, Alfred takes a culinary test, and the Countess suspects new employee Pegg of theft and Robert tries to keep a tenant.

26 Jan, 2014

Episode #4.6

Robert is perturbed when Mary and Tom suggest intensive pig-farming on his land and Evelyn returns with his superior Charles Blake, to assess the viability of estates such as Downton. Blake...

02 Feb, 2014

Episode #4.7

Robert is summoned to America to bail out his reprobate brother-in-law Harold but, after Mrs Hughes has given her the 'official' version of Anna's rape, Mary steps in to let John stay with ...

09 Feb, 2014

Episode #4.8

Charles leaves, Mary having appointed Tim Drewe as pig-man, but when Anthony Gillingham's projected visit to Downton is announced Mary detects from Anna's reaction that something is wrong ...

16 Feb, 2014

The London Season

Summer of 1923. It's summer and as part of Rose's 'coming out' she is to be presented at Buckingham Palace. The Crawley family go to London to prepare Grantham House for this busy social program.

23 Feb, 2014


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