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Archer (2011)



3ᵉʳ Temporada

Archer (2011)

La tercera temporada comienza con Archer escondiéndose en una isla tropical. Después, Malory se encuentra a sí misma en una situación comprometedora con el primer ministro italiano, y el equipo de ISIS intenta prevenir una catastrofe sobre la Estación Espacial Internacional. Vuelven las regulares Lana, Cyril y Pam.

Créditos y reparto

H. Jon Benjamin, Judy Greer, Ji Li, Heaven MacPherson, Amber Nash, Chris Parnell, Dave Fennoy, Robb Wells, George Coe, Mr. Ford
Adam Reed
Acción y Aventura, Animación, Comedia
15 de Sep 2011


100 Les gustó


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Heart of Archness: Part I

Archer is still reeling from the death of his fiancée by taking a siesta to an island in the South Pacific. Malory, needing Archer back, sends noted adventurer Rick Riley to retrieve Archer...

15 Sep, 2011

Heart of Archness: Part II

Archer finally agrees to head back to Isis. Unfortunately as he boards Riley's plane to head back, their plane is attacked by pirates and they soon find themselves on an island run by pirates, and Archer is crowned their new pirate king.

22 Sep, 2011

Heart of Archness: Part III

Malory finally sends Lana and Ray to get Archer back. But Archer has quickly settled into his new role as king of the pirates. But Archer and Rip soon go from leading the pirates to being ...

29 Sep, 2011

The Man from Jupiter

Archer is stunned to learn that his mother is dating his man crush - Burt Reynolds. As Archer and Burt bond, they soon discover that they have more in common than once thought, while Archer...

19 Jan, 2012

El Contador

Cyril is promoted to field agent just as the Isis crew is called to bring in the bounty on a South American drug lord - Armando Calzado. But Cyril's incompetence gets him lost and Archer ...

26 Jan, 2012

The Limited

The Isis crew is ordered to transport a dangerous terrorist across the border to Canada. A drunken Archer wants to fulfill his lifelong dream of fighting a bunch of random guys on the top ...

02 Feb, 2012

Drift Problem

For Archer's birthday, Malory and the Isis crew surprise him with a souped up Dodge Challenger, complete with all the latest high tech gear. Unfortunately Archer turns his back for one ...

09 Feb, 2012

Lo Scandalo

Archer and Lana are called over to Malory's apartment on what was supposed to be an off night for the Isis crew. There, they are shocked to discover what appears to be a dead body, some ...

16 Feb, 2012

Bloody Ferlin

The Isis crew travels to West Virginia to help Ray and his brother save their crop from a crooked Sheriff. Meanwhile, Archer discovers that Ray has been faking his paralysis.

23 Feb, 2012

Crossing Over

After a wild night involving Archer hitting on the widow of a deceased Isis agent and some heavy drinking, Archer wakes up in his apartment to discover that he's had the best sex of his ...

01 Mar, 2012

Skin Game

When Archer's fiancée returns under mysterious circumstances, he immediately suspects that his arch rival Barry is behind it, and soon begins to plot against them both.

08 Mar, 2012

Space Race: Part I

The Isis staff is called by NASA to stop the international space station from being taken over by space pirates. During training, Cyril proves to be a more than adequate pilot, while Malory...

15 Mar, 2012

Space Race: Part II

Once on board the international space station, Archer and the Isis crew have very little time to save the crew on board from being taken over by space pirates, but an even sinister motive ...

22 Mar, 2012


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