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Archer (2011)



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Archer (2011)

Los agentes de ISIS regresan en esta divertida comedia. Archer y Lana se dirigen a Louisiana para detener a unos ecoterroristas antes de que destruyan una pipa de gas natural, y Malory intenta obtener un papel en una película de espías. Después, Pam es abducida por secuestradores. La segunda temporada también trae de regreso a Cheryl y Cyril.

Créditos y reparto

H. Jon Benjamin, George Coe, Nika Futterman, Judy Greer, Amber Nash, Chris Parnell, Roy McCrerey, Aisha Tyler, Neal Holman, Darren Criss, Craig Ferguson, Ona Grauer, Tom Kane
Adam Reed
Acción y Aventura, Animación, Comedia
27 de Jan 2011


100 Les gustó


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Swiss Miss

German billionaire, Herr Conrad Schlotz, controls all European Videotex services. His nubile, out-of-control daughter, Anke, is determined to have her 17th birthday bash at an exclusive ...

27 Jan, 2011

A Going Concern

After Malory is wiped out in a Ponzi scheme, she hatches a scheme of her own: selling ISIS to rival spy agency ODIN. Archer and the rest of the ISIS employees must use every trick in the book to try to stop the sale.

03 Feb, 2011

Blood Test

Archer is in for a huge surprise when his favorite call girl, Trinette, shows up at ISIS with a subpoena in her purse.

10 Feb, 2011

Pipeline Fever

While Malory tries to make ISIS a green workplace, Archer and Lana head to the Louisiana Bayou to prevent a dangerous eco-terrorist from bombing America's largest natural gas pipeline.

17 Feb, 2011

The Double Deuce

When members of Woodhouse's famed WWI Royal Flying Corps squadron start dying mysteriously, he naturally suspects foul play. As does Archer, who tries to help his loyal manservant track down the killer.

24 Feb, 2011

Tragical History

Tired of his colleagues constantly calling him a failure, Cyril agrees to help George Spelvin, a mysterious computer security expert, inject a virus into the ISIS mainframe so he can defeat the virus and be seen as a hero.

03 Mar, 2011

Movie Star

The normal childish squabbles, sneaky backbiting, and petty jealousies at ISIS are multiplied exponentially when a famous Hollywood actress, Rona Thorne, spends a week shadowing the agents as research for an upcoming role in a spy movie.

10 Mar, 2011

Stage Two

After Malory's brief scare with breast cancer, another ISIS agent decides to be tested for the disease, with a tragic result.

17 Mar, 2011

Placebo Effect

When Archer discovers the chemotherapy drugs he's been taking for his breast cancer are counterfeit, he sets out to destroy the criminals behind the scheme.

24 Mar, 2011

El Secuestro

ISIS goes into full lockdown after Pam is abducted by kidnappers. Wait, Pam? Yes, but the kidnappers were really after Cheryl/Carol. Wait, Cheryl/Carol? Yes, because Cheryl/Carol isn't quite who she appears to be.

31 Mar, 2011

Jeu Monegasque

Archer, Malory, Lana, and Ray travel to Monaco during Gran Prix week to make an expensive trade for a secret disk. Archer is given to hold the $4 million in untraceable bearer bonds, but ...

07 Apr, 2011

White Nights

Archer's search for his father's identity by going to Russia puts him in hot water as he is held prisoner by Nikolai Jackov and Malory has to ask Barry Dillon to rescue him.

14 Apr, 2011

Double Trouble

After saving Archer back in Russia, Katya Kazanova goes back to the United States with Archer. However Malory and Lana are skeptical of Katya's defection to the West. The KGB labels Katya ...

21 Apr, 2011


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